This web page is designed in memory of my father who died of cardiac arrest in 1998.


Ignorance is bliss...

...but not for long

We live in times where there is plenty of stress, pollution, adulteration of food, and a lot of other negative factors.  All these contribute to vulnerability to a lot of diseases. Instead of either ignoring these factors like we normally do until something goes wrong (either to ourself or worse still, for a loved one), or getting intimidated by these factors, if we take sufficient preventive and corrective actions to whatever extent practically possible, a lot of unnecessary difficulties can be avoided. Most of the diseases are due to negligence, which is in most cases is due to ignorance! 

Unfortunately, our doctors always tell us how to cure diseases and not to prevent them. We, the common man, have little or no medical knowledge. This page is designed not with the intention of causing worry, but only with the hope of eliminating atleast a little of this ignorance!

Here is a list of a few health related articles, it might be a good idea to spend some of your leisure time going through them esp. the symptoms, and then keeping a watch over your family especially your parents.

The reader is adequately warned here that some of the information below may at times sound scary when they describe highly improbable 'worst possible scenarios'. Please use your discretion to consider only useful information, and ignore irrelevant information like some remotely possible variation, etc.

Wrists - Repititive Stress - Tendonitis Description, tips

Coronary heart disease

Heart attack

Heart attack first aid

Eye Improvement - Bates method -

Diabetes -

Blood pressure symptoms -

Arthritis -



Serene Prayer

Give us courage to change what we can;

the patience to accept what we cannot change;

and the wisdom to know the difference.