If all the world is a stage and we're just actors
        playing roles, then I need to have a serious talk
       with the director about my motivation for this part.


         One day, I'm gonna finally get up enough courage
            to actually go skydiving, rather than just
          being thrown out of the plane like last time.

                     (LeMel Hebert-Williams)

           Much to my surprise, the old "arrow through
              the head" gag resulted in nothing but
             compliments at the body piercing parlor.

                          (Kevin Green)

                   I was much happier before I
                found out that ignorance is bliss.

                         (Peter Medhurst)

                 I think a secure profession for
                 young people is history teacher,
                because in the future, there will
                 be so much more of it to teach.

                           (Bill Muse)

                  I could write a whole book on the 
              problems I've faced due to my bad memory, 
             only thing is I can't remember most of them.


         I bet one of the first uses of a time machine
             will be to combine it with a microwave
              oven, to make food cook even faster.

                          (David Gunter)

                   My life sucks so bad my ears
                   pop just thinkin' about it.

                           (Gary Smith)

                   If I were a lawyer I would be
                   mad at the other 99% who give
                    the rest of them a bad name.

                            (Rick Owen)

           Someone should make a car that runs on urine
            and has a tube to pee into while driving.
            With enough beer, you could make it clear
               across the country without stopping.

                      (Christian Knudstrup)

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