About Me

Born in June, 1975, I was fascinated by computers ever since then ...even as a new born baby, I loved watching the CRT display in the hospital, and now, 27 years later, I'm proud to say I've come a long way... now I watch process activities on the windows task manager. I imagine I have a good sense of humor and love to try to make people laugh, and once in a way I even succeed.  I love to explore the world, both the outside world as well as the universe within me.

Exploring the jungle in Mudhumalai

I used to work in iCOPE Technologies since 1997, I loved everything about the job, and quit while I was ahead to join HP in April 2002.

Apart from my primary passion for software development, I would love to be a National Geographic explorer... striving for better coexistence between man and nature. I find Abdul Kalam's ideas very impressive, and share his vision of a better India. I am also working for a better Bangalore , in an attempt to make it a more liveable city.

While all this work is ambitious and constitutes of only intermittent activity, one continuosly ongoing activity is working towards a better me... by trying to improve every day. I strive to learn something new everyday, from every person I meet, from everything I observe.

If you like, you could browse through my picture gallery .

Just because of all the information on this site, people sometimes tend to overestimate me wondering if I'm a very knowledgable guy who's read and digested so much. Some others, especially the ones who know me better, feel that that I just talk without supporting my words by actions. (As a matter of fact, I do have the bad habit of reading a little bit of something and then going on to something else without completing the first one.) I would be happy if you did not try to estimate me at all, and simply read whatever information holds your interest (without associating it with me at all).



"You have often asked yourself whether
there is something above and beyond your present routine
life. There is. Just as the wind is not meant for enclosure
in a room, neither are you meant for confinement within your
thoughts and feelings. True living is just as free as the wind."


 This is the true joy in life, the being used for a
purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one;
the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod
of ailments and grievances complaining that the world
will not devote itself to making you happy.


"Q. What is wrong with my life?
A. There is too much of you in it."


"As the bee collects nectar and departs
without injuring the flower, or its color or fragrance,
so let the sage dwell on earth."