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This site isn't really about me ... its about a lot of extraordinary information that I've come across from various sources and also a few of my own thoughts which I would like to share with you. 

It has taken years to collect all this information, so do not expect to read everything in one day! Look at what interests you and ignore the rest. In technical terms, it is only a collection of "data" out of which you can extract whatever information you see in it.

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In those good old days during the IT peak time, I had a chance to see many European countries, mainly Germany , and some places in the US. It gave me a good perspective of our own country and sort of caused me to think out-of-box to imagine many more possibilities (which I just used to take for granted as impossible or never even knew about). Abdul Kalam's Song of India reinforced my belief that I was on the right track. I would like to share these thoughts with you, and hope to hear what you feel about them. Over time, I started assembling various bits of information from totally unrelated sources together like a jigsaw puzzle to reveal an incredible pattern. If the Internet is like an ocean, then you can say that my hobby is to occasionally do some deep sea diving, and these are some pearls (in the form of HTML links :-) ). I also came across some simple habits  to improve one's health. And don't miss out on some critical information on health.

An alarming observation is that many of our Indian languages are getting phased out due to English. Compared to Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam are all relatively better off, in my opinion the one in the worst condition is Kannada. However I hope that some of the ideas I have presented here (not all are my own) applies to any Indian language: I hope every Indian becomes aware of these warning signs of extinction.

If you like nature, you could read about my trip to Mudhumalai which was a great National Geographic style adventure. And do spare some time to have a look at this attempt to save nature.

I had tried many approaches to understanding 'Life, Universe and Everything' as Douglas Adams puts it, but I finally found what I was looking for when I went on this 10 day retreat in search of the ultimate truth (in Oct 2001).

If you're feeling thoughtful you could have a look at this forwarded mail and my reply about Quarter-life crisis :-) ...something most of us commonly find ourselves in. Whenever you need a laugh, there's this really funny mailing list you could ruminate through. Or you could have a look at this long page of my collection of quotes from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I used to work in iCOPE Technologies since 1997, I loved everything about the job, and quit while I was ahead to join HP in April 2002. You can read more about me ...and also see me - though not highly recommended :-)


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